DOMINO-HD study endorsed* by EHDN

Study aims and goal: Observational study funded by JPND (EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research) assessing sleep, physical activity and nutrition in people with early-to-mid stage HD using digital technology e.g. wearable fitness trackers.

No. of study participants and sites: approx. 300 participants for 12 months at 5 sites in Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Switzerland).
For further information see the clinical trial registration

*EHDN endorsement: The EHDN endorses protocols it finds to be of a high scientific and ethical quality. The endorsement decision is made on the basis of protocol review and discussion by the EHDN Executive Committee following recommendations from the independent EHDN Scientific and Bioethical Advisory Committee. Trial protocol endorsement should not be viewed as sponsor promotion or recruitment incitement. [EHDN endorsed studies overview]