The EHDN Health Economics Working Group is a group of clinicians, scientists, health economists, and patient advocates.


Current main goal
Assess the health technology appraisal process, identify the most appropriate measures of cost-effectiveness and advise patient support groups.

Aims of the working group

To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Determine and document the health technology appraisal process, as it relates to recommendations for availability and funding of health care.
  • Assess the health technology appraisal processes, identified above, to establish areas where the complexities of Huntington’s disease are not adequately reflected.
  • Identify measures for economic assessment, covering costs, benefits, and wider impacts relevant to people affected by Huntington’s disease for use in clinical trials and cost-effectiveness analyses.
  • Where these are missing, collaborate with other EHDN working groups to create adequate tools that provide the information needed to support health policy decision-making related to Huntington’s disease (e.g. provision/funding of health care).


…in preparation