Our mission is achieved via two threads:

  • By influencing Physiotherapy clinical practice through research and development of clinical guidelines. This strategy facilitates an internationally cohesive and standardised approach to management of people with HD.
  • Direct engagement, communication and collaboration with the HD community and other associates. This thread is primarily related to education and advice.

Our present goals include:

  • Evaluation and further development of the web based learning resource promoting active lifestyles in HD. We are currently inviting visitors to the resource to complete a short survey sharing their thoughts and experiences of using the resource.
  • To update Clinical Guidelines for Physiotherapists. Currently a sub group is completing a systematic review of current research to complete this objective.



Lead Facilitators:
Una Jones, Senior Lecturer,
School of Healthcare Sciences
College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
Cardiff University
Cardiff, UK
Associated EHDN Language Area Coordinator:
Kerstin Koppers, EHDN Lanco, France